About Clearsign Technologies (NASDAQ: CLIR) And Its Market Performance

One of the major sector that is seeing growth in recent times is the energy conservation technology and solutions. Investors are also keen to invest in such companies as they are the ones who are bringing a change in how energy can be conserved. This is a major step towards making the environment safer and save non-renewable energy. One such company that is working on the combustion systems and other energy-saving solutions is Clearsign Technologies. Learn more about Clearsign Technologies and its stock NASDAQ: CLIR at https://www.webull.com/quote/nasdaq-clir performance.

About Clearsign Technologies

Clearsign Technologies is a USA based company that works towards the betterment of the environment by using continuous research and development. They are an innovative group that designs retrofits and energy-efficient combustion systems for petrochemical, refining, and boiler industries.

Their technology and solutions are developed in a way to reduce the overall cost of petrochemical production and refining, and increase operational efficiency and reduce NOx emissions in the environment. Some of the major products and services other than combustion systems include heaters, boilers, sensors, flares, etc.

Why energy-efficient systems are important?

One of the major reasons why every industry needs to think of energy efficiency is to save the environment. Using energy-efficient systems will not only reduce the overall emissions of harmful substances in the environment, but it will also reduce the bills. The operational costs of the industry can be reduced drastically if energy efficiency systems are installed. Some of the major industries which can use these energy efficiency solutions include the chemical industry, food industry, petrochemical industry, biogas industry, residential heating, etc.  This way one will not only be saving money but will also save environmental greenhouse gases.

Market performance

Currently, the market status of the firm and its stocks NASDAQ: CLIR is not looking good. Even off late some analysts firms have lowered their ratings for Clearsign Technologies stocks and tagged it as a sell stock like penny stocks to buy. In recent stock activity in June, the shares traded at lower volumes as compared to the normal volume. Also, the 50 days moving average of the company was at $1.06 which is low comparatively.

They also announced their quarterly earnings in March 2020 and showed EPS of $0.06. this earning showed no growth as compared to last year’s EPS. Also, about 29.20% of the shares are owned by insiders.

Final words

Currently, the Clearsign Technologies stocks are not doing good in the last few weeks. However, it not uncommon in the technology industry. Looking at the current economic crisis, every industry is getting affected at large. However, energy efficiency is a sector that has always seen substantial growth and tends to have a stronger investment profile. Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.